18th Sep2011

Oktoberfest Homebrew Recipe

by dudesbrewingbeer

In honor of Oktoberfest starting this month I thought it would be nice to share an Oktoberfest recipe.  In about 3 weeks you’ll have an awesome seasonal beer to drink with your friends.

5 gallon ingredients:

3.5 lb amber extract

3.5 lb light extract

0.5 lb crystal malt

0.5 lb munich malt

0.25lb chocolate malt

at 60 min – 10oz Halertau hops

at 15 min – 10oz Halertau hops

at 2 min – 1 oz Halertau hops

use German Ale/Kolsch yeast



07th Jul2011

Rogue “Dead Guy” Clone Recipe

by dudesbrewingbeer

I recenlty purchased a delightful brew by Rogue called Dead Guy Ale. Although the name may not be that appealing let me assure you the finished product a dark german maibock is amazing. Recently they’ve been selling it in a 1/2 gallon growler. I loved it so much I decided to make a clone. Video to come soon but here was my recipe:

7lbs 2-row malt

3 lbs munich malt

1 oz Perle hops for 90 min

.5 oz Saaz hops for 30 min

.5 oz Saaz hops for 15 min

The finished product came out last week and it already was a hit when my buddy Brett came to town from Florida.